Celsius Tank Cleaning facilities in Vlissingen was developed to give complete control of the quality of cleaning for our fleet of tankers and containers. Through developing the most effective, efficient and cost-effective processes with our customers, we are able to offer all hauliers tank cleaning and IBC cleaning services at competitive prices.
Due to the nature of the products we carry, it is vital that our tankers are washed to a standard that exceeds legal compliance, and thanks to the wealth of knowledge we have in food-grade logistics, we can apply this knowledge to both our own and third-party tanks and IBC’s at our Vlissingen tank cleaning facility.
Our tank cleaning station provides a thorough cleaning and sanitation of the inside of road tanker trailers, food containers, food silo trailers and IBC’s.
All entry and exit points are cleaned and dried, including tanker parts like the tank outlet, hoses and flexes, tube covers, vent caps, dome covers, and pump inlet and outlet. Hoses are cleaned, dried and sanitized and all washes are certified ensuring a full audit trail.